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The commissioning of Willunga Basin Water’s new 600ML storage dam occurred in April 2020 and the storage dam is currently being filled in preparation for the 2020/21 irrigation season. This will allow Willunga Basin Water to release an additional 800ML of recycled water allocations to the region from 1 July 2020.

Expansion of the recycled water supply to the region helps to reduce the stress on the local aquifers, diverts water away from ocean discharge and provides greater water security for the region’s irrigators. Supported by the Department of Primary Resources SA (PIRSA) through a $2.5M grant, this project supports the production of 2.25 million bottles of premium wine per annum with an annual value of $33M.

Willunga Basin Water are now in discussion with irrigators in the Blewitt Springs region to assess demand and will look to expand the recycled water supply network into this region which is currently 100% reliant on a stressed aquifer system.

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