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Developed following the Millenium Drought, AquaNet produces recycled water for industrial use in the Fairfield, Cumberland and Parramatta local government areas of Western Sydney, New South Wales. The Greater Western Sydney area is one of the fastest-growing populations in Australia as well as having relatively low rainfall, making water a critical resource for the future of the region.

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Liveability is a strong focus for future development in the Greater Western Sydney region with re-greening of the region a high priority for the future. AquaNet has the capacity to produce up to 7,300ML per annum of recycled water and is ideally situated to support the growth in the Greater Western Sydney region. In collaboration with Sydney Water and a number of Local Councils, AquaNet is investigating options to maximise the supply of recycled water to assist in delivering these liveability objectives.

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With the added benefit of taking the load of the sewerage system, and reducing the regions demand of potable water to be used in irrigation and industrial realms, AquaNet is a key strategic asset for the future of the Western Sydney region.

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