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The Lightsview Development is a residential property development located 7km north-east of the Adelaide CBD, in South Australia. With a focus on liveability, the development includes a network of more than 14.9ha of landscaped parks and reserves designed to create a welcoming space to live, relax and play. These parks and reserves are irrigated with recycled stormwater supplied by Lightsview ReWater, with this water also used in houses for toilet flushing and garden watering.

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Initiated in collaboration with the developer (PEET) and the South Australian Government’s Urban Development Agency (Renewal SA), Lightsview ReWater treats and reticulates recycled stormwater which is sourced from a local council’s stormwater harvesting scheme. By using recycled stormwater, the Lightsview development can be kept green and lush even during periods of drought while reducing the demand on the River Murray which supplies Adelaide’s drinking water. Once fully developed, Lightsview ReWater will supply over 300ML perannum of recycled stormwater to the development, which is 300ML per annum of water not taken from the River Murray.

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