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Willunga Basin Water currently supplies 6,500ML per annum of recycled water to the region which is 60% of the region’s annual water demand. Groundwater aquifers are used to supply the remaining water, however, over-extraction and climate impacts are seeing the aquifers become increasingly saline and unsuitable for high-quality grape production. Willunga Basin Water has commenced an expansion project to increase its annual supply capacity to 8,100ML/annum, which will underpin water security for this region.

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Willunga Basin Water plays a crucial role in the success of the McLaren Vale region and its involvement in the wine industry, as the water supply is critical to maintain viability. McLaren Vales’ annual wine production is valued at over $400M and with associated tourism revenue of $150M per annum, the McLaren Vale Wine Industry is a major economic region for South Australia.

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